We are passionate experts; creativity is the bedrock of our work. We use our imagination to generate breakthrough ideas that stimulate, engage and connect with your audiences.  We create events and brands that are intensely memorable by showing the world what you stand for and what your mission is about. We conceive entertaining yet deeply thought of stimuli to drive great businesses and produce bigger visibility.

We are here to help you impact the feelings and actions of the people you want to reach. We will invent a unique brand experience that will resonate with success, because when one gives resonance to something he gives it significance.

Our portfolio spans 60 years across entertainment and conceptual event development, set design and construction, broadcast production including content and execution, in addition to multimedia audio visual system design and execution.

Our services are available separately but can also overlap and blend together to create fully integrated events and campaigns. For this we rely on our five highly-efficient entities, each dedicated to a unique mission and run by professional team of experts and a large resource of European professionals ready to turn the most dreamlike ideas into a tangible piece of entertainment anytime, anywhere.