Giani Ravagnani
Pro'ad, a boutique advertising agency, is our media booking partner. It provides a full media service including media data & analytics, media booking and monitoring.
Pro'ad offers unparalleled clout in the marketplace, as well as a depth of capabilities and experience to drive leadership and innovation in every media type.
It strives to maximize its client's investment by building out best-in-breed campaigns.
Direct Reach & Special Media

To secure the best reach of captive audiences Resonance’s Media and Marketing arm offers special media sampling and brand advertising, exclusively deployed by Resonance through major Valet Parking companies throughout Lebanon.

Merhej Group

At Resonance, we exert all our creative efforts to brainstorm ideas that are different. Today, we come to you with brilliant gift items capable of leaving their mark on your audiences and give you a signature style that set you apart from the rest. To ensure all ideas are executed to perfection Resonance partners with Merhej Group, the number one gift item supplier and qualified producer in Lebanon and the entire region since decades.