Munjed Al-Sharif

Munjed Al-Sharif has worked as a Film, Drama, Musical Stage Director since 1974 on various shows, Musical Plays, TVCs and documentaries in the Gulf, Middle East and Europe. His work includes local and international clients.


In year 1973 worked as Artistic Director for Lighting and Sound for Feyrouz  and  Lebanese Folkloric Troupe in the USA show / tour, which was written and composed by the Rahbani Brothers,  and directed by Sabri Al-Sharif.


In Beit El Dine Festival year 1973, Directed f “Pearls Sea -Baher el LuLu’’, a Musical Play with Wadih Al Safi, Melhem Barakat, Magdala, Marwan Mahfouz and Georgette Sayegh; written by Elie Choueiry. Music composed by Ziad Rahbani, Melhem Barakat, Wadih Al Safi and Elie Choueiry.


In the year 1974 worked as a TV Director in the Lebanese TV (CH 7) also as Artistic Director for Jordan TV  Drama stories ( International Literature -من الأدب العالمي ) series.


In 1994, Munjed worked as TV Director for Opera Ayda at the Cairo Opera House.

In 1996, he worked as an Artistic Director for Oratorio composed by Toufic El Basha, and written by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud in the Opera Cairo House played by the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir.

In 2000 Munjed was appointed as Artistic Director for Feyrouz’s Beit-El Dine Festival Recital and Director for Julia Boutros in “Freedom Days” in Lebanon.

In 2004 he was the Head TV Director for the live broadcast of MTV Lebanon for Amer Diab - Produced by Rotana and sponsored by General Motors/Dubai.


Munjed Directed various documentaries such as  Beirut Reborn ( Solidere ) Medical Center and KSA Humantniterian health Center, Al-Rawdatein, Burj Al Makam and others .

In the occasion of Sharjah been selected The Islamic Cultural Capital for 2014 Munjed’s directed “Clusters of Light” on Al Majaz Amphitheater  written by Abdel Rahman el Ashmawi, Music composed by   Khaled  El  Sheikh and  also a Musical Play titled “ The Shadows” Lyrics by Dr. Nadine al Asaad, Music composed by Khaled El Sheikh. Produced by Sharjah Media center.

2015  in the occasion of Egyptian October War celebration  Munjed  directed ‘’MISR al Makan wel Makana- المكان والمكانة” & “Clusters of Light” Produced by Sharjah Media Center.