Patrick Abou Khalil
Creative Services Director

Patrick Abou Khalil specializes in Interior Design, and has worked as a Studio Manager for the last 12 years as a result of his marked interest in Production, and deals with multinational agencies in Lebanon and abroad.

Abou Khalil’s 5-year experience at Grey Worldwide Lebanon and direct involvement in the Studio Management at BBDO Jeddah, have allowed his close collaboration with many Printing Presses, as well as Client Services and Creative departments, involving a multi-ethnic and diverse talent. 

Being directly involved in the Pre-production and Production process of multi-million dollar accounts such as PepsiCo, has significantly contributed to perfecting his skills, attention to detail, and his knack for anticipating and troubleshooting problems that may arise in the Production process.

In 2004 and until 2013, he had been working as a Studio Manager, handling major regional and local brands, including:

Pantene, Pringles, Fairy, Byblos Bank, and BAT from 2004 until 2009

Pepsico, Samsung, Mobily, Doritos, Lay’s, and Wella from 2009 until 2011

Heineken, HSBC, Nokia, Le Mall, Mercedes, Camel, and Diago from 2011 until 2013

Abou Khalil is working presently as the Creative Services Director for Resonance